How To Drill a Concrete Wall

Sooner or later most people living in houses with concrete walls need to hang a locker, a lamp, a shelf or a picture. At this point, there is an urgent question about how to drill a concrete wall. It’s no secret that every home master has faced this problem at least once in his life, but not everyone knows how to solve it. Many bravely torture a drill and their own strength, but without achieving the desired result, they throw everything to the next attempt to make a hole in the wall. But the drill, in the end, breaks, and the shelves and remain to stay somewhere in the corner of the room or dust in the pantry. But the options, nevertheless, are – they just need to know and be able to use them.

Drilling hole in concrete wall

Concrete structures are strong enough and difficult to drill. In addition, quite often drills come across rubble, which is part of the concrete mixture, from which the wall and ceiling slabs are molded.
The holes in the concrete have to be made quite often, especially in the process:

  • Finishing works;
  • Installation of furniture;
  • Air conditioning suspension;
  • Additional device of electric wiring;
  • Installation of plumbing.
  • You can solve the problem of holes in a concrete wall in two ways:
  • Shock drill, and preferably a perforator, with a winning drill;
  • Diamond drilling.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to make a hole in a concrete wall with conventional drills, therefore, before starting work, it is necessary to purchase drills with specially welded plates of high-strength winning alloy, which perfectly cope with concrete and brick. But for soft materials, it is not recommended to use them, since they do not cut the winning drills, but crush them.

What will help the home master?

In domestic conditions, when it is necessary to make 2-3 holes in concrete, you can do without a conventional drill, without impact function. To do this, as the winning drill is dipped into the body of the wall from time to time, break the concrete with a strong metal pin (punch), which coincides in size with the hole diameter. It is used in the case when the drill begins to “stall” in the wall. At this point, a steel punch is inserted into the hole and begins to be beaten with a hammer or sledge hammer, trying to crush too dense patches and punch the hole deeper. At the same time, the pin is twisted slightly. Then an unstressed drill can again come into operation.
All the above described actions are repeated one by one until the hole increases to the required depth. This method is quite laborious and tedious, but for a couple of holes is quite acceptable.

Alternatively, when drilling holes in concrete, you can use universal drills that have diamond spraying. They are highly effective when working with metal, crushed stone and concrete. They can be installed only on an ordinary electric drill, or on a tool with the vibration function turned off.

Work with the drill must be extremely cautious, otherwise it will fail too quickly. Advice given by professionals – to avoid overheating of the drill, it should be dampened with cold water from time to time.

How to choose the right tool?

The first is you need to make sure that the wall is no communication. Learn it will help us a special tool stud finder. Review on this tool you can read by this link.For a larger amount of work, a punch or drill with impact function is required, and drill bits with winning tips. The impact drill combines rotational with reciprocating motion, which helps it to cope perfectly with lightweight concrete, and to the question of how to drill a concrete wall that is a carrier is a simple answer – the best assistant will be a perforator whose main purpose is to punch precisely concrete fences. There is one more difference:

  • The impact drill is designed for drilling holes not exceeding 12 mm in diameter;
  • The puncher is able to drill large holes.

Drill found in the body of the concrete wall reinforcement should be drills for metal.

How do they drill large holes?

Professionals, constantly encountering the problem of drilling holes in concrete, use special equipment, which includes:

  • Powerful electric motor;
  • Drilling drive;
  • Diamond drills-crowns of different diameters;
  • Fixed on the base of the guide post.

Diamond drilling allows you to make holes of large diameter – up to 40 cm. The process takes place quickly enough, efficiently, without unnecessary dust and noise. The water is automatically supplied to the drilling site, which simultaneously cools the diamond bit and flushes the dust.

When diamond drilling holes are obtained in exact shape and legible in outline, with a polished inner surface. They can be made in various enclosing structures at any angle to the horizon, and the possibility of cracks or chips in the concrete is completely excluded. Destruction occurs only at the location of the future hole.
Diamond drilling is done by specialized companies, so if necessary, drill holes in large diameter concrete, you can invite masters with their equipment. And it is not necessary to buy a diamond drilling rig specially for this purpose.

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